Kukuh Nomikusain

Software Engineer and Indie Maker

Hi folks,

I am Kukuh from Indonesia. I'm a software engineer and also an indie maker. I've built various projects (webs and apps). Currently, I'm building my own startup, Setopic (setopic.com), a thread-based communication app for remote teams.

I've worked on various platforms, including Android, Frontend, and Backend.

  1. In Android, I mainly used Java, and a little bit of Kotlin. I've used RxJava, Retrofit, ButterKnife, Realm, etc.
  2. In Frontend, I used ReactJS, ReduxJS, styled-components, Apollo Graphql Client, Bulma CSS, etc.
  3. In Backend, I used NodeJS, ExpressJS, Posgresql, Apollo Graphql Server, etc.

For now, I'm focusing myself on building Setopic. So, I'm not available for full-time job offering. But if you have an interesting project, and need some help from someone like myself, then you can contact me via email: kukuhsain@gmail.com. I probably can do part-time freelance work for you. I normally work in UTC+7 timezone.

Anyway, I'm NOT a ninja programmer, rockstar coder, or 10x software engineer. I'm just a normal person with software engineering ability, with a little bit of illustration design skill, and like to get things done. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice day :)


Thread-based communication app for remote teams.


Simple habit app that let you build habits by focusing on today's habits only.


GitHub-style markdown editor.